Writer’s Journal 6/16/17

Works in Progress

I have three posts open, and it feels good to be back in the mode of writing something besides writing notes (like this on).

  • Metaplay: A Case Study – A post designing how to integrate my time and effort into a a metaplay writer’s exercise.
  • Jump Point: My Secret Alchemical Life – A post laying out the major pivot points in my “Game” as detailed in my soon to be Kindle Single memoir, I hope.
  • The Metaphysics of Character Movement – A post outlining the basic concepts of my model of Metastory.

Unlike these notes in the Writer’s Journal category, these posts will be intended to be of value to others.

Off to work…

Writer’s Journal 6/14/2017

Opening Thoughts

Been a while since I used this exercise. I’m a little lost on what to do now. I need to come up with a plan. I have two major writing goals –

  • Sell what I have written.
  • Write something that will sell.

Did some thinking yesterday and realized the difference between looking for feedback and looking for reviews. Trying to generate reviews is too much yang. I am shifting to the seeking feedback mission. I don’t know if my books are worth reading, so I don’t know how to divide my time between trying to sell what I have and write something better.

There is a very critical time factor. I have kids to support and my paycheck is one problem away from family catastrophe.  I can’t afford to unite my family, and the longer we are separated, the greater the risk that I will lose it. My kids are growing up without a father in the house, my girlfriend is struggling to handle everything by herself, and I am unable to share any of the wisdom I learned from my parents and my life.

I need more money, and there is a serious doubt that my writing will ever provide it. I feel like I am being a bad father by spending my time making these notes instead of picking up a second job that will help pay the bills. Unfortunately, the full-time job I have is demanding, and I have physical limitations. Sitting on my ass typing is about all of the extra work I feel able to muster on a continuing basis.

  • I HAVE to try to sell what I have written.
  • I HAVE to write something better in case quality is why I can’t sell.

My Writing Business

Begging people for reviews is demoralizing and alienating. Asking for feedback is a much stronger goal, but still a push instead of a draw. I should probably be reading how to go about this, but I want to think this through myself before checking my answer.

I need to build a platform. I want to start a new blog focused on a topic that helps develop the Witch’s Rock series at the same time it is building traffic from readers interested in the metaphysics of alchemy applied to politics, religion, education, business, and play.

Most people are focused on the story of “what is.” Alchemy is the story of how the “story of what is” evolves.  In the past I have termed this Metaplay (practice), and Metastory (theory). I think these terms are both better than using the term alchemy. Alchemy is an important term also, but risks misinterpretation.

I could begin developing a nonfiction product on Metastory and Metaplay. I could develop the content on this blog, or another URL chosen for it.

Just realized that I can write posts about developing a nonfiction product that makes the product more valuable without the factor of blogging spoilers that my fiction posts create.

Business Plan

  • Publish Jump Point: My Secret Alchemical Life, as a Kindle Single.
  • Build a WordPress site focused on Metaplay with forum
  • Publish post on Metastory
  • Publish post on Metaplay
  • Publish post on the experience of Awakening and epiphany of Enlightenment
  • Post on Politics of Metaplay
  • Post on the Religion of Metaplay
  • Post on the Education of Metaplay
  • Post on the Business of Metaplay
  • Post on Sexual Alchemy


I completed the first edition of The Lord’s Bedchamber in 2004, seventeen years ago. Since then I have hammered out a lot of words, much of it published online, and none of it fiction. Even when I write about writing fiction, I am using fiction as a vehicle to share what I learned from my Jump Point metaplay. Given the choice, I would rather write nonfiction, in the same way I would rather be having sex than watching it.

Fortunately, when it comes to writing, I have the choice.

By the way, this post, and the other posts in this form I have taken private, but may return to view, are an example of metaplay. The story moves (evolves) from where the the post begins, to where it ends.

The Out-Frame Trilogy

The Out-Frame Trilogy

The Pilot for the Witch’s Rock Series will be the third book in the Threshold Trilogy. I use the term trilogy tentatively because I don’t know how else to categorize these three novels. The protagonist of Book 2, the middle frame, is the author of Book 1, the inner frame. In Book 3, Witch’s Rock, I step out one more time into a near-future dystopian Earth that is the source of the characters and conflicts developed in Threshold and The Lord’s Bedchamber. It is this world of the outer-frame where the Witch’s Rock series will take place.

Book 1 (Inner Frame) of the Out-Frame Trilogy is Threshold, science fiction based on a near-future Earth. As rising population threatens a global war over resources, America’s greatest genetic scientist mysteriously disappears. The Virus, a sexually transmitted disease that acts like Reverse-AIDS by supercharging the immune system but leaves the infected infertile begins to spread. Four Tarot cards brought to life in the same laboratory as The Virus will lead the gangs in rebellion against The Virus Laws in a story of biological and social evolution and generational Civil War.

Book 2 (Middle Frame) of the Out-Frame Trilogy is The Lord’s Bedchamber. A near-future United States has traded freedom for the illusion of security at the twilight of democracy. A mysterious writer sets out to free the people from a spell of lies the Pirate Lord has cast to enslave them. In this metaphysical writer’s war that has been raging since the dawn of man, the endgame has begun…

Book 3 (Outer-Frame) of the Out-Frame Trilogy will be Witch’s Rock. Witch’s Rock is the pilot for a metaphysical near-future dystopian science fiction series in which the Pirate Lord uses future technology to enslave the people, and the Hero Players use technology to help free and protect them. The Tarots from Book 1 will join Bacchus from Book 2 in the outer-frame on near-future Earth. The Pirate Lord is propagating authoritarian followers whose only morality is obedience to the Lord, while Bacchus and the Tarots build a secret resistance from their hidden base at Witch’s Rock.


Visionary Fiction

In 1997 I wrote my short memoir, High Ground: The Bizarre Story of my Awakening, while working as the turf equipment mechanic at the Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco. I’m not sure how many years later it was when I discovered the progressive site OpEdNews. I liked the biography of its founder, Rob Kall, and particularly his interest in the story of awakening. I posted a link to High Ground, and forgot about it.

Years later I rediscovered OpEdNews. Embarrassingly, I had only a vague feeling that I had been there before, but once again found myself drawn to Rob Kall’s interest in awakening. So I signed up, and submitted High Ground. A short time later I received a message from the senior editor, Meryl Ann Butler

I have read this story before.

I had to convince her I was the original author now using a pen name. After that, she helped me prepare the manuscript for publication on OpEdNews, and as an accomplished artist, provided the post image. In one of her messages, she mentioned that see me writing in the genre of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Celestine Prophesy.

Curious as to what genre that might be, I googled it. This is how I discovered the genre of Visionary Fiction, and the Visionary Fiction Alliance. Visionary Fiction has at the core of the story the transformation of human consciousness. I have spent much of my life trying to figure out how consciousness evolves, and have developed a theory that models the transformation of consciousness as the cyclical movement of awareness outward through story space. In my theory, story is modeled as location, and the location where we stand matters because –

  • Where we stand controls what we see.
  • What we see controls how we act.
  • How we act controls the consequences of those actions.

We become trapped inside of static “true” stories like an agoraphobic that is afraid to leave their house. This freezes the evolution of our consciousness and blocks our journey outward through story space toward a larger and clearer understanding of Reality. The history of the people could be written as a battle between the authoritarian forces that seek to bind us inside of a true story that the authoritarians control, and the heroes who seek to free the people, to enable and nurture the evolution of their consciousness. Authoritarians often execute heroes for their efforts.

The war between the authoritarian characters trying to enslave the people, and the heroes trying to free them, has been raging since the dawn of man, and as technology becomes a force-multiplier for both sides in this conflict, its sudden ending becomes increasingly likely.

Will the authoritarians enslave the people on the plantations of the Pirate Lords, rack them in the torture chambers of their Monster King, or kill us all in their madness and reckless disregard for catastrophic consequence? Will the heroes free the people from rage and delusion, unite them in the grateful heart and seeking mind of the hero character, and accelerate them into a future of peace and unimaginable prosperity?

This is the conflict at the heart and mind of The Lord’s Bedchamber, and it will be the central conflict of its sequel, Witch’s Rock, the pilot for a transmedia near-future series integrating science fiction elements and social media tactics driving the “Character Wars” toward dramatic conclusion.