by Christopher Sly

Rocket guards the original typed manuscript of my first novel, A Hand Full of Sand, written while living in my car parked on the beach in the Redwood National Park.

  • The Game of Guessing Right: The improbable tale of my secret alchemical life playing the game of guessing right.
  • The Lord’s Bedchamber: Shakespeare and Bacchus battle over who will be the people’s playwright in this literary fantasy based on Taming of the Shrew.
  • Threshold: In a near-future United States, an incurable sexually transmitted disease that supercharges your immune system but leaves you sterile threatens to ignite a generational civil war. (Sample)
  • The People’s Story: A writer’s introduction to the fracturing of the People’s Story into the four character archetypes by the “Threshold of the Heart” and the “Threshold of the Mind.”
  • The Uncertainty Principle – Short alchemical fiction about learning how to surf Reality.
  • The Hero Solution Engine Diagram – Accelerating the People into a future of peace and unimaginable prosperity.
  • The Character Map Diagram – The four “character locations” of Story Space created by the “threshold of the heart” and the “threshold of the mind.”
  • Natural Christian? – “Even if there was never actually a man that the Hero Jesus story is based on, those values of love and compassion that define Christianity would still exist.”