The Game of Guessing Right

A Solution Memoir by Christopher Sly

Every moment of our lives is a forced response to the stimulus of uncertainty. We were born into a guessing game in which reality is continuously poking us with the question – “What should you do?” and through both our actions and our inactions, we are continuously answering.  Those responses have consequences.

Story is how we model the Stimulus/Response/Consequences experience of our existence. Our story controls our understanding of the stimulus, which controls our response, which controls the consequences of our response. Story is like software. It is installed after we are born, and it controls how the hardware is used. No one is born with good judgment. Our judgment evolves as our story evolves, and to consciously seek that evolution by learning from our misjudgments is to engage in the game of guessing right.

One of the most consequential mistakes a young player can make is to retreat from an uncertain reality, and seek refuge in the imaginary protection of a static true story. True stories force us to blind and distort our perceptions lest they observe evidence that contradicts our truth. They force us to suppress our learning process, lest it produce answers that challenge our right answer. Rather than a rising spiral of evolving story towards reality and awakening, we spiral downward into delusion and paranoia, separating further and further from a reality increasingly perceived as our enemy. This is not the game of guessing right.

Like the binding of a young child’s feet, the stupefication caused by binding a young mind in a static true story may cripple their perceptual and cognitive functions for their entire life. Propagating true story on a large scale produces a stupefied society that is both delusional and irrational, and thus suffers the consequences of its poor judgement. Story is a model. Do not mistake the model for reality. Expose and abandon false stories, or you will spend your game enslaved by lies.

This is the story of my secret alchemical life playing the game of guessing right. I hope it will be of value to other players, particularly writers, interested in the story of how story evolves.

Expected release Fall 2017